Is a developing jobber in the CIS market of sales of oil & gas equipment and services as well as drilling and well data software solutions application.

IC-IMPEX, Drill Bit and other equipment

Elevators, Spiders, Manual tongs?

Sure! And other equipment from FORUM B + V Oil Tools and other manufacturers.


Diamond Cutters & Incerts

Meet the Toughest Diamond Cutters You'll Ever Use made by US Synthetic.

Operational issues solved by IC IMPEX:

  • Selection and equipment batching
  • Approval of technical specifications
  • Search for the best option price/quality
  • Procurement organization and equipment inspection
  • Supply optimization

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IC IMPEX an official representative of companies:

Equipment includes drill pipes, drill collars, coil tubing, BOPs, pumps, compressors, valves, drilling tools, power units, transmissions, safety systems, etc. as well as spare parts, all produced by leading manufacturers in the industry. Our experts apply advanced technologies to the equipment maintenance, operations and prevention.