The history of FORUM B + V Oil Tools began over 45 years ago with the idea of forging Elevator Links at our shipyard’s own blacksmith shop. Manufacturing pipe handling equipment became a lucrative business. FORUM B+V Oil Tools extended its product range gradually over the following years. As a result of this brilliant idea, FORUM B + V Oil Tools has become a leading manufacturer of Pipe Handling Tools.

Today FORUM B + V Oil Tools is a leading supplier with agents, distributors and service stations all over the world. Our customer base includes leading drilling contractors, service and rental companies, on- and offshore rig builders and shipyards. FORUM B + V Oil Tools has been growing in emerging markets and increasing its market share rapidly.

Our vision is to be our customer’s preferred partner. Optimized internal processes enable us to serve our clients with fast response times, traceable quality assurance and reliable delivery times. A satisfied customer is our highest priority. We deliver a wide range of safe, reliable and efficient solutions to the drilling industry, by adapting our products to the needs of the market.

Production of FORUM B + V Oil Tools:

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